What to Expect

So you are ready to come visit grace?

What should you expect?

Location: We are located on rock road right by harry- its in rockford square shopping center, you will turn right off of rock. We are in the back corner and this is what you will be looking for.

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Sunday School: Adult Sunday school is an in depth study of Gods word taught by Larry Beck, it starts at 9:30am. Doughnuts and Coffee provided. Children’s Sunday school is taught by Cindy Walthers, make sure to bring your kiddos, because Mrs. Walthers is one of the best teachers around, if you want your child to have lasting and eternal lessons jump off the page then you do not want to miss out! We also have a class taught by Tina Morris for our older children, Tina is such a steward of God’s word!


Nursery: Our nursery is a clean and fun area for kids 5 and under. We have a side for babies 1 and under and a side for 2 and up. As of now the nursery is only available during the worship service. We also have privacy for nursing mothers.

Worship Service: Our worship service is Christ centered.  We have musicians as well as videos we use from time to time. We sing mostly worship songs, the occasional hymn and bible memory songs as well. This is a time for you to worship with your family. There are a few announcements and other things that will occur, but we try to limit all distractions during this time. Following singing we will hear a message from Pastor Walthers.


Afterwards: Don’t feel like you have to rush out, you are more than welcome to head on out but feel free to stick around so we can get to know you and you can get to know us. Don’t worry about the kids, we have a game room off to the side for the kids before and after church. This may seem silly, but this is a great time for the kids to connect and start growing their friendships as well.

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