Grace is a foreign concept to us, because we live in a this-for-that world designed to barter for our needs.  I do this for you if you do that for me.  I give this to you if you give that to me. As natural-born self-worshipers, even our most generous acts are ultimately aimed at what we get out of it.  That is not how God’s grace works. Because He is self-sufficient, and needs nothing, His grace is a supply of our needs, not His.  He needs nothing from us.  We need everything from Him.  And He supplies everything we need in Jesus.  God’s grace is in Jesus, so when we are in Him, we have everything we need – everything.  In our graceless neediness, we are controlled by what we think people owe us and what we think we owe them. Our natural condition is governed by guilt, and our constant need to relieve our guilt by paying what we feel we owe to each other – respect, love, attention, loyalty, etc.  But God’s grace frees us from that slavery!  Once you realize that in Christ you have everything you need, you are free to forget about what you think others owe you. And you are free to owe them only one thing – the same love that God shows you by His grace in Jesus. “Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another”, Romans 13:8.  We invite you to join us at Grace Church as we learn to experience and live God’s amazing grace!